The Emerging Challenges For Major Details For Pure Sativa Strains

These days, we are more concerned with how cannabis works as medicine and what the various treatment types and options are. The bud has an earthy, pine quality to it, and produces testy lemon undertones. In general, indices have a higher BCD-to-THC ratio, whereas salivas have a lower one – meaning that indices are known for having higher percentages of CBD than sativas. Pure saliva has been working with these top breeders for almost ten years. Kariba Surprise-Zimbabwe : Outdoor saliva. While her THC content of 16% is a bit lower than that of the other contenders, she still packs a punch. The good news for medical users is that the range of sativa strains is growing, and there’s no shortage of varieties to experiment with, including many new strains like Waipi’o Hara Centennial Seeds, Simbay Moon Ganjah Seeds, K-13 Haze Philosopher Seeds, Inferno Haze Gage Green Genetics, Juanita la Lagrimosa Reggae Seeds, Margoot Green Devil Genetics, Jack O’Nesia Karma Genetics, Kaligria USG Seeds, the Magician De Sjamaan and Mekong Haze Delta-9 Labs, which are quickly gaining popularity in Europe and elsewhere. All of them confirm that, yes, cannabis is a medicine. Pure saliva cannabis is a rarity in the medical marijuana field as it is very hard to cultivate, especially indoors and also outdoors in the northern hemisphere Canada. Height 6 to 12 feet.

The more you know about your medicine, the more effective it can be. Here are our top 10 Cannabis saliva strains. The marijuana seeds of Pure saliva are sourced from the best Dutch seed banks and breeders mostly based in Amsterdam. Kali Mist is no exception, having won 10 awards since its conception, among which many are 1st prizes. Sativas are better suited as a stimulating medicine, though they have been known to relieve some kinds of pain, including migraines. We have the following strains Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA Sour Diesel :::::::::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A sense Star x ak47 :::::::Grade: AAA Afghan bush :::::::::::::Grade: A Northern Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+ Lemon drop:::::::::::::::Grade: A+ G bush ::::::::::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf Looks: BEAUTIFUL bright lime green filled with a pure, deep purple-blueish colon throughout the Aug. I was informed that the particular seed i wanted was out of stock on there shelves and that they had ordered more from the flying Dutch men to cover my order. the gentleman who told me this only responded to my inquiry though and I felt as good practise I might have been informed of this situation. High THC, Significant cannabis seed bank BCD absent.

Address: Unit 6, Westmorland House i am very happy with the service i would recommend them to all my friends. well done puresativa. This is the best smoke I’ve ever had. Afghani is by far the most ubiquitous strain and many modern strains incorporate these genetics. The finished buds have a sweet flavour, and the energising high is ideal for those who have goals to accomplish during the day. While indices generally double in size once they are sent into flowering, sativas tend to triple in size. The bud itself has a predominantly pine flavour, with strong woody and earthy undertones. Great natural ‘high’, similar to Thai. The high of this type of marijuana is known to be uplifting and functional as well. I love it — 2nd only to Kali Mist, IMHO. The medicinal value of THC is wide-ranging, with new applications being found all the time.